Empower and Revitalize Japan for Next Generation

If you welcome new challenges, have a drive for success, and embrace the responsibility of leadership—then you belong at SOPHOLA!

From Nagano to the world

From Nagano to the world

Learn & grow together to become a person who can provide values

Learn & grow together to become a person who can provide values

SOPHOLA has many opportunities to grow to become a mediator between Japan and the world in digital marketing industry and revitalizing the community area.

From Nagano to the world


Empower and Revitalize Japan
for Next Generation

SOPHOLA contributes to creating a bright future of Japan by solving "Local Depopulation", "Aging Craftsmanship", and "Spreading Japan's Appeal on the Globe."

Work with us

We are aiming to become a bridge between Japan and the world, and make a large contribution toward The Future of Japan.

Through the following businesses, we venture into business and develop through friendly competition.

  • Digital marketing business using cutting-edge overseas technology

  • Service development and technical operation in digital marketing business

  • Finding traditional crafts of local areas and selling overseas by yourself

Employee benefit packages

SOPHOLA provides each employee opportunities for learning and growing.

  • A four-day work week

  • Working at home(after trial period of 3 months)

  • Cost assistance to get qualifications(including cost for materials)

Qualifications concerned

  • Google digital workshop certification

  • Google AdWords certification

  • GAIQ

  • Facebook Blueprint, etc.

Guidelines for applicants

In addition to our values, we value 3 policies,
‘Honesty’ ‘Sympathy’ and ‘Challenge’.

  • Theme 01


    Stick to your justice.
    Do the right thing as a person before a business person.

  • Theme 02


    Empathy with Mission and Vision of SOPHOLA.
    It means whether Mission and Vision of SOPHOLA is related to those of your life.

  • Theme 03


    Don't be afraid to make mistakes and take on challenges proactively.

Job opportunity

  • Marketing Assistant(part time)

    Key Responsibilities
    As a marketing assistant,
    ・Paperwork with EXCEL/WORD/POWERPOINT
    ・Data analysis, operational support, and report-making
    Required Skills and Abilities
    ・Ability to use EXCEL/WORD/POWERPOINT
    ・Strong leadership potential and work ethic
    ・Analytical and intuitive mindset to drive innovative processes
    ・Ability to adapt and multi-task in a fast-changing environment
    ・Team player mentality


About the details of this position, please contact us!