Empower and Revitalize Japan for Next Generation

We strive to solve Japanese social issues through innovative business development with various clients and business partners.

Businesses for Tackling on the Social Issues in Japan

Consulting/Outsourcing and B2B E-Commerce for Global Businesses, our two core businesses are developed to tackle on the social issues such as depopulation, aging craftsmanship, and spreading Japan’s appeal on the globe in Japan.

In consulting/outsourcing business,

  • Marketing & Consulting

    Business/Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Outsourcing

    Marketing Outsourcing

  • Support for expansion

    Support for Market Expansion

are the current services we offer. Taking full advantage of our experience in the space,
we are able to establish alliance partnerships with global AI or marketing tech firms of zero-foot print in Japan, and support strategy-making and execution in marketing from Nagano and other local regions. Take a glance at our case studies.


  • adflex communications

    adflex communications, inc

    We support to create and execute a new business/service strategy in alliance with global cutting-edge AI/marketing tech firms.

    Business Consulting

  • AdScale BV

    We are the first AdScale’s strategic partner in Japan, and support their market entry and penetration in this market.

    Market Entry / Penetration


    Our paid search outsourcing service boosted the conversions by 14% while improving the CPA by 22% within 4 weeks after the campaign launch.