Empower and Revitalize Japan
for Next Generation

We will create Japan’s society the next generation can take hope and pride in
by contributing to resolving social issues of Japan through our business activities.

SOPHOLA, Inc was founded to tackle on social issues---local depopulation, aging craftsmanship, spreading Japan’s appeal on the globe which are occurring in local areas except for cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka through SOPHOLA’s business activities.

Mission, Vision & Values

  • Mission

    Empower and Revitalize Japan for the Next Generation

    We will create Japan’s society so the next generation can take hope and pride in the future by contributing to resolving social issues of Japan through our business activities.

  • Vision

    Company of Bridging Between Present and Future, Japan and the World

    We will strive to tackle on local depopulation, aging craftsmanship, and spreading Japan’s appeal around the globe, and become a company of bridging between present and future, between Japan and the world.

  • Values

    • 1

      “The Strongest” Will and Determination

      We always use our mind about what to do in order to realize our mission and vision, and overcome any difficulties with “the strongest” will and determination.

    • 2

      “The Fastest” Decision and Action

      We always make “the fastest” decision and action under any challenging circumstance, not wasting time in response.

    • 3

      “The Deepest” Self-Examination and Improvement

      We always review an outcome of each action through “the deepest” self-examination, and practice improvement plans.


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  • Consulting

    Ad agency's business/service development and advertiser's marketing consulting service

  • Outsourcing

    Paid search and web analytics outsourcing services for ad agencies and advertisers

  • Penetration Support

    Marketing entry/penetration service in strategy-marketing and execution for global marketing tech firms

  • Entry Support

    Glabal market entry support for local traditional crafts and goods from Nagano and other local areas


  • adflex communications

    adflex communications, inc

    We support to create and execute a new business/service strategy in alliance with global cutting-edge AI/marketing tech firms.

    Business Consulting

  • AdScale BV

    We are the first AdScale’s strategic partner in Japan, and support their market entry and penetration in this market.

    Market Entry / Penetration


    Our paid search outsourcing service boosted the conversions by 14% while improving the CPA by 22% within 4 weeks after the campaign launch.



In consulting/outsourcing businesses, we have a solid track record of working for a wide range of clients such as global tech firms with cutting-edge tech, ad agencies offering various marketing solutions to advertisers, and advertisers/publishers hoping to solve marketing issues. In B2B E-Commerce for Global Businesses, stay tuned with us till the first success case is introduced here.


  • recruit staffing
  • ntt east
  • adflex


  • adscale
  • longtail ux
  • ppc_protect
  • southparc