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Our paid search outsourcing service boosted the conversions by 14.03% while improving the CPA by 22.36% within 4 weeks after the campaign launch

As more performance ads appear, it is essential to save the optimization time and improve performance. SOPHOLA has conducted a comprehensive market research on digital marketing technology in North America and Europe, carefully evaluated each player, and started negotiating with AdScale BV, which enables advertisers and ad agencies to dramatically save the optimization time and boost their performance.

AdScale’s proprietary bidding/budgeting optimization, automated recommendations, and user-friendly reporting/dashboard enable advertisers and ad agencies to dramatically reduce the operational workload and improve campaign performance in search ads. Today, mostly in Europe and U.S., AdScale has a track record of improving existing campaigns by 20-40% within 2-4 weeks of the campaign launches for thousands of clients in 35 countries.

Actually, through our partnership with adflex communications inc, Morinaga’s paid search and shopping campaigns became our first and successful pilot with 22% CPA improvement and 14% conversions increase within a week after the campaign launches.