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10 Tips for Remote Working

Since my departure from the Company due to the present COVID-19 situation, I’ve followed up with my duties and responsibilities from my hometown in Italy.

Here, I started a new routine that is suitable to meet the goals and requirements of my Company supervisors. Initially, I thought that working from home would have been a difficult task to go along with because of distractions, lack of interaction with colleagues, and the time lag between Japan and Italy.  Despite the tragic scenario, in which boredom could have won the game, it happened the opposite.

Since the first day in quarantine, I set my working hours as I were in the office, a daily meeting to interact with my supervisors and the end time for sending updates regarding the job done had during the day.

In these weeks, far from Japan and SOPHOLA, Inc. I have been mainly involved in analyzing Google Ads account for the clients of the organizations. From this perspective, the data analysis process has been evolved since the first report since I always tried to add more value to the contents.

For example, revising the presentation format, creating more evident data tables, and more text information for the reader. In the end, I adopted a customer-centric approach in which I tried to figure out the possible questions the client could ask me while providing an answer to each of them in advance, especially for what concern technicalities and more in-depth insights.

Although COVID-19 spurs people to stay at home, everyone has found its way to be more productive. Here, I will provide a list of things which helped me to work remotely from my house as efficiently as possible:

1. Transform your bedroom desk in your office or find a calm space in your home to work on PC without ANY distractions.
2. Create a to-do list not to miss the goal of the day/week/month.
3. Practice some essential but sweaty home-workout after 6 pm.
4. Create a set of rules with yourself and your family regarding working time and leisure activities.
5. Track the time you spend on your operations.
6. Attend Webinars (there are a lot and most of them are free!)
7. Eat just during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try to not fall in love with food!
8. Be adaptable with changes. Try to work differently and find your best day schedule.
9. Listen to music while working if this boosts your concentration or try a “tomato timer” to facilitate your mental strength while staying at home.
10. Remember to not break rule No.7.

These instructions are the main points that I am following during the quarantine, and No.7 is kind difficult not to break. However, I feel confident about the internship tasks so far, and on May the 7th, I will have the opportunity to present to Mr. Kuwahata (CEO of Adflex) my reporting analysis. I am looking forward to his reaction!

Thanks for your reading time.

Paolo Schiavulli