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AdScale Enterprise|Case Study with Using AdScale for a Year

A m19 customer recently told us, “It looks like we have surpassed the sales via Amazon of one of our competitors who is one of the top sellers in XX industry! Thank you so much!” We were super happy to hear that. As we have introduced m19 and Lunio as case studies for the past two weeks, we have been working with an e-commerce company that has been using AdScale Enterprise for more than a year. I would like to introduce a case study of an e-commerce company that has been using AdScale Enterprise for more than a year.

When AdScale Enterprise was launched, the client was running only Google ads, so we compared the performance of the same period of the previous year using only Google ads. Despite an increase in ad spend from 1,400,000 yen to 4,100,000 yen, ROAS increased from 957% to 1,020% and sales increased more than 3 times.

Cost Conversions Sales ROAS
4 Months of This Year ¥4,100,000 4,331 ¥41,800,000 1,020%
Same Period of Last Year ¥1,400,000 1,249 ¥13,400,000 957%

As with m19, this is a good example of how sales can be greatly increased by not setting too many restrictive conditions and leaving the task to the AI.
(Of course, this result was achieved after careful examination of the website/landing pages and campaign content.)
The e-commerce department manager was very happy to achieve the annual sales target, which was said to be difficult to achieve at first.

We will continue to support the implementation and utilization of the tool next year, and will do our best to make a big impact on the business of our clients and partners.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO