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Solidifying The Company’s Foundation

In this Q, the influence of COVID-19 on the client and partner businesses is really impactful, and our business is struggling. Under these circumstances, the theme we should tackle as a company in the next three months is “to further solidify our foundation by recruiting and developing human resources,” and we have new and existing teammates already engage in our training program starting April 1st.

For the last two years, we managed to run consulting projects by relying on each person’s expertise, but in order to handle more and larger projects, it is necessary to build an organizational operation scheme. In addition, as partners release new solutions one after another, we must increase our sales and consulting power so that we can pitch these solutions to more and more domestic and overseas customers.

We hope to complete this “further solidification” that we have been working on since April, by the end of June, and work together as a company so that we can turn to an offensive from Q2. By the way, for reference, I will publish an interview video of our executive officer for a limited time (up to 2020/5/6), so I hope you will feel the atmosphere of our training!

Interview with Kaori Iino (Executive Officer):

Founder & CEO
Masaki “Mark” Iino