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SOPHOLA Inc was founded in Apr 2018, and the operation began in the following month.

Within the first 2 months, I made my mid-term business plan, and have achieved the monthly rev/profit targets as well as the annual targets. This could not be achieved without our clients, partners, and employees. I cannot help thanking them so much.

Month BVF
May 113%
June 111%
July 114%
August 115%
September 135%
October 139%
November 160%
December 132%
January 124%
February 104%
March 130%
1Yr 126%

Particularly speaking, Adflex Communications, the closest business partner has drastically re-branded themselves as an AI-tech focused marketing consulting firm. (they are still on the way, but the websites have been completely renewed too in the past year)

For our second year, we will grow our business by 300%.
Not only we will achieve the figures, but also will enrich the client/service portfolio as well so that
we can solidify our business revenue/profit baseline.

Though I’m still not well-experienced as a CEO, I will continue to do my best!
Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO