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Never Give in Making Great Case Studies with Our Partners in Japan!

Thank you for your diligent sales activities every day! (including myself:))  We have been working with AdScale from Israel, which switched from an exclusive partnership with Adflex to an open partnership in August of last year, PPC Protect from the UK, which has been our exclusive partner since March of last year, and m19 from France, which became our exclusive partner in March of this year. For each product, we have sales partners who help us expand sales, tech partners who help us deal with various system bugs and develop functions. Thanks to our domestic clients who are proactively challenging the products of our overseas tech startups that have technologies not available in Japan, we are gradually building great case studies in Japan!

AdScale (Number of Companies in Use: 100 companies in Japan)
AdScale Enterprise is absolutely strong in improving the performance of performance ads. We often encounter clients who are totally satisfied by the automated optimization functions provided by ad platforms like Google, but we have almost unbeatable results (winning 8-9 out of 10 times) in operational competitions with similar solutions in Japan. A local department store that started using AdScale for Google Ads in last October was able to increase sales by 2.7 times with almost no change in the size of their ad spend! (Too amazing…) *The campaign objective was changed from acquisition to awareness in January and there was the busy season in November and December.

By the way, I won’t lie to you by saying, “We made such an improvement just by using AdScale Enterprise!” I didn’t wait for AdScale Enterprise’s keyword recommendations, but I added new keywords and negative keywords daily, reviewed the account structure, ad copies, and ad options in advance, and set them properly. I realized that it was very important to do 100% of the basic things that only humans can do to improve performance.

PPC Protect (Number of accounts in use in Japan: 140)
Due to PPC Protect’s aggressive product development, we were inconvenienced by various system bugs from December to mid-February… However, for a leading online business English lecture service with a relatively high fraudulent click rate of 8.4% on Google ads, we were able to halve the number of fraudulently clicked users, increase the conversion rate by more than 3.5 times, and improve CPA by about 30% in about 6 months from October last year to March this year! (This is also an incredible result…) Other accounts had a fraudulent click rate in the 1% range, so it was difficult for them to realize the effects of the introduction of this solution, but we are happy to be able to provide such an amazing and tangible example of improvement, which is not possible with similar solutions in Japan.

m19 (Number of companies using m19 in Japan: 15)
A leading table tennis manufacturer was the first advertiser in Japan to use m19. The m19 product manager, Kaori was responsible for the initial tuning of the solution, and this was another example of a tremendous level of improvement! Advertising spend has nearly doubled and sales have more than doubled.

These cases are not comparisons of off-peak and peak seasons, or of changing campaign contents, but the results of properly doing the basic things that only humans can do, and then properly using our tech partner’s solutions, which include amazing AI technology and other technologies that are not available in Japan. This is the result. We would like to thank all of the people involved for making it possible for a digital marketing consulting company with only a few employees in Nagano to create such amazing case studies of improvement! To those marketers who want to make an I-turn or U-turn to Nagano Prefecture, to those who want Nagano Prefecture to be like Utah where advanced IT companies like Adobe and Domo have the headquarters, and to those who want to support them, please lend us your help to mass produce such cases!

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO
P.S.: We are working face to face and hand in hand with our partners, crossing borders, language and cultural barriers, and working hard together to enter the market and expand our market share. It’s a really good job, I think.