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Company’s Dream and My People’s Dreams

Sakura-san, our part-time job employee who also worked for Thai-Massage, left SOPHOLA by the end of last month.
On her Day1, she did not even know how to turn on her laptop, but could later do ad placement and make ad performance reports. More importantly, she told me that it was the first time for her to put her serious thought on her future career in her life. Honestly speaking, it is very sad to see her off because we had overcome many things together with joy and bitterness, but I’m also feeling very happy for her to be able to experience new things at SOPHOLA which will definitely help her at her new workplace.

I do have a dream to realize at SOPHOLA, no matter what will happen. It is to create an attractive company that the local people can hardly find in Nagano and local areas—the company where the people gather for realizing our mission and vision, whatever background and nationalities they have. Our mission is to solve social issues deeply rooted in local areas, and our vision is to connect the present with the future of Japan, the local with the global.
Though new members who sympathize with this “dream” will join us soon,  as CEO of SOPHOLA, I believe I should cherish their own personal “dreams” as well.

The reason is crystal-clear.
Each of them does have different background and issues as well as the people and dreams they have met or obtained before crossing their paths with SOPHOLA. While cherishing those, I do ask them to cherish SOPHOLA’s dream, right? Therefore, my request would sound very unreasonable or pushy without considering their “dreams” as important as SOPHOLA’s!

HOWEVER, I might stand strict in front of them once in a while because realizing dreams is not as easy as just talking about them. To really make them true, there must be some hardships and obstacles on the way…
This perspective would not change, so I’m really hoping to speak with you if you sympathize with me and are interested in joining us;)

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO