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Diving into an unknown world

It has been pretty much one month since I joined SOPHOLA, Inc as the newest member to the team.
From the new way of working from home, first time working in a start-up company, working for a Japanese structured company to the unfamiliar world of Digital Marketing, it was been a steep learning curve for me in the past weeks.

When I decided to join SOPHOLA, Inc at the end of last year, I was not quite sure what to expect or what was in store for me. Digital Marketing is a field that is essential in our fast-moving world and something that all of us had contact with – be it actively or passively. It is also an absolutely new field for me, never having worked in Digital Marketing before.

It is an area that is ever changing and there is so much to it that at points it felt like I did not know to begin and which way to move forward to.

Therefore, I was a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information to process and the fast pace to just be able to accomplish any of the tasks that I was assigned to. Especially working from home and not having a mentor to support me at all times, it felt as the mountain to climb had no peak in sight.
However, the approach at SOPHOLA, Inc to dive into the deep end first and trying to find a solution myself actually helped me to work at my own pace and gave me the freedom to dig deeper into areas that were relevant to me and I needed more time. Researching on my own meant that I needed to ask the right questions and search for the answers on my own terms.

As my colleagues have years of experience ahead of me, their knowledge of Digital Marketing is at a very different and advanced level and I needed to find a ground to stand on my own first, without taking up their valuable time for simple questions.

It is still a learning curve, but I am starting to learn how to swim a little better with each week.