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Everyday Learning at SOPHOLA

Hello readers,

In my first post, I was telling you the most striking facts about Japanese business and national culture. In this new weekly update, I will describe my daily work routine. The software that I learned, the progress that I made, and the troubles that I found during the learning path. If you are curious about Google Ads, and you wish to know how a day in the life of a university student look like in a Japanese startup, keep reading my posts! Without any additional, let’s start!

My journey at Sophola is always evolving. During the first weeks, I was mainly occupied in learning the primary aspects, and the building blocks of Google ads. For example, what to do at the account and campaign level. The role of ad groups and how to select the right keywords’ match types. The way through which writing appealing headlines. And the strategies needed to handle the bidding prices. In a few words, I get used to managing the setup process of Google Ads.

Now, the tasks are becoming more advanced. The Japan market entry campaign is officially started. And I am gathering the first data from it. The daily routine is becoming more stringent, and I start feeling the pressure of delivering my projects in time. The analysis of data requires a lot of consistency and accuracy, just a small error can compromise the entire work.

At the present state, the analytical part is stimulating. Since I can make decisions that can increase the performances of my work just with few clicks. Nonetheless, I am not saying that this is an easy task. On the contrary, it requires reasoning, dedication, and a bit of passion. If you don’t like to use Excel, play with data and make decisions from them, the job will be more tedious and boring. So do not pick this route in you are not interested. On the other hand, if you want to challenge yourself, learn how to use Excel, understand data correctly, and improve your technical knowledge. Join the boat and navigate with me in the next lines of this weekly post.

More than 3 times per day, I analyze a different class of values. I am used to examining changes on the impression share and in the number of clicks. As well as variations in the CPC, CTR, conversion rate and costs of the campaign. Before making any significant modification to the account, I always consult with Kenta, Director of AdOps at Sophola. Thanks to Kenta’s supervision , I’m learning all the useful techniques that can improve my strategic decisions, the tips and tricks to handle data with Excel, and the ways through which I should make and present my daily reports.

Most importantly, I am very grateful to have him as a supervisor. He is one of the best media buyers in Nagano’s and a good friend at the office (also, Mark and Sebastian are really good friends, do not get me wrong!).

In these days, I am thrilled about the progress and the challenges that I made and overcome. In the end, I am here to learn and grow — both from a personal and professional point of view. I can assure you that I feel the differences from the early days. Still, I am excited about what will come next. If you would like to know more information about the proceedings of my internship experience in Japan, follow the next blogs.

Paolo Schiavulli
Intern at SOPHOLA, Inc