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6 Success Steps for Global Digital Marketing SaaS Businesses in Japan (2)

In this article, I would like to write about the second, third, fifth, and sixth stages of the six stages necessary for the success of a global SaaS business in Japan, which I introduced in the previous article, and which a fully automated Amazon Ads optimization solution: m19 has cleared very well. Although we are still in the midst of market expansion, we feel that the secret of this product’s success is hidden in these areas.

First, the second stage: “Let them try”. While we have many unique features that our competitors do not have that lead to “man-hour reduction” and “performance improvement,” our fees are neither high nor low compared to our competitors. The plan part is a big advantage, and as long as the conditions of use are met, full functionality can be used free of charge forever, making it easy for sellers of small and medium-sized companies to try it for a long time, and it has been very popular.

Next, the third stage: “Let them review”. The “14-day free trial” is frequently used, but it is intended only to confirm the UI and other features of m19. However, in that short period of time, they strongly feel the convenience of m19, and 100% of them switch from the trial version to the paid version.

The fifth stage after the transition to the paid version: “Le them continue”. We provide any necessary support to our clients and respond to alerts in m19 in a timely manner and answer client’s questions one by one to achieve significant improvement in results in 1-2 months. We are able to do this with the help of m19’s support team, who answer all questions that we cannot answer ourselves within one business day. (If the m19 representative is on summer vacation, another representative will be available to help us, so the support is provided without interruption, which may be unusual for an overseas solution.)

The sixth and final stage: “Let them recommend”. Every month some new feature is released and we are asked to share it through a newsletter. Not only that, but they also listen carefully to Japanese client requests and reflect them in the product map, so I believe that the people in charge of Amazon’s exclusive agency are also promoting organizational implementation.

We will continue to collaborate with m19 so that we can better meet the growing demand and expectations of our clients. If you are interested, please contact us!

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO
P.S. The “Tsukemen” (dipping noodle) at a ramen shop in Nagano City is so good I want to go there every week! “Tsukemen” is the best in hot summer.