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How to Create Company Culture

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When you become a business person, your bosses, senior teammates, and mentors will teach you basic business manners, specialized knowledge and skills necessary for work. I myself made a debut as a business individual with only mathematical background such as statistical analysis and probability at age of 28.
1st year (2011): How to use Microsoft applications, how to do web analytics and ad campaign data analyses, how to plan ad planning and website actions, business etiquette, etc.
2nd year (2012): System development project management, direction to external system partners, etc.
3rd year (2013): Web analytics with multivariate statistical analyses and data mining using free statistical analysis software “R” and paid statistical analysis software “SPSS”, application to advertising data, and basic knowledge and planning of pay-per-click ad campaigns and performance ad campaigns
4th year (2014): New service development in data analysis service for performance ads, integrated marketing planning for digital and mass advertising, etc.
5th year (2015): English communication in business, Adobe analytics, basic knowledge of overseas technology, SQL, etc.
6th year (2016): New business development planning, culture-making for my responsible business unit,  P&L making, introduction/expansion of overseas technology into the Japanese market, etc.
7th year (2017): New business development plan revision, management of multiple organizations (3 departments, total of 50 people), individual/organizational KPIs and P&L achievement method, existing business management delegation method, etc.
8th year (2018): How to start a business, sales from a local x brand power 0 environment, develop domestic and overseas partners, build relationships, etc.
9th year (2019): Achieving P&L from scratch/how to expand business, support new service creation for members from overseas, etc.
After 10 years, this year is the 10th year as a business person. Since December last year, we have been working on “building the foundation of the company.” Though the service lineup is also in place, we are still on our way to reach a company status where each member embodies the idea of ​​the company as a founding member and plays a part in creating culture. When I looked back to my past experiences in this way, I noticed that the “company culture” had always existed at my previous workplaces.

“How can founding members and other members embody the mission, vision and values ​​of the company?”
I try to show it by actually embodying it and convey it repeatedly in words, but I often think that it takes a long time. Furthermore, I suspect that the companies that I had worked for have probably permeated the entire organization due to the enormous amount of time and repeated trial and error, and the number of core members who can embody them has increased. I feel that it is a goal that should be achieved in the long term, rather than the annual growth plan that I have used so far, so I will devote myself to doing so.

Now in Q, I will do my best for the remaining 2 weeks. From now on, I will do my best to make every effort and leave no regrets. We look forward to your continued support!

Founder & CEO
Masaki Iino