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Launch your brand successfully in Japan with AdScale ad automation and optimisation

Once you have set up your Japanese Shopify store with automated Amazon FBA inventory sync and fulfilment as described in our last blog post, you are ready to start bringing traffic to your site and generating sales. Being able to control your branding, your customer list and reducing your dependency on Amazon are key reasons for brands to run their own ecommerce site in Japan.

An additional benefit is that as you are not subject to the same commissions as on Amazon or Rakuten, you can commit more marketing budget to each conversion and still get a better ROI. Here at SOPHOLA we combine cutting-edge ad automation and optimisation using the AdScale platform with experienced digital media buyers to give you the best of both worlds.

Automated ad optimisation powered by AI and machine learning

Using the AdScale platform has a number of benefits:

• Manage a single marketing budget across Google Search, GDN, Google Shopping, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo!, and more. Or set budgets for each channel.
• Automate budget optimisation powered by machine learning to ensure that your budget is always available to the channels that are returning the best results.
• Automate bidding optimisation
• Connect your shop feed to multiple platforms via the Ad Centre

AdScale is the perfect tool for brands to improve their webshop results and bottom line.

Getting started

For AdScale to work it needs past data and especially conversions to work from. For brands launching on a new market this is not available. This is where SOPHOLA comes in. Our experienced team will help you build the feeds, open the ad centre, create your campaigns and help you set goals. Once you have enough data and conversions we will set your goal KPI and transition you over to the automated bidding and budget optimisation.

Ongoing support

We don’t finish there however, we will continue to monitor your account throughout, making sure that your account is healthy. Every month we will offer you a detailed report and a consultation to review past performance, predicted future performance and new measures to ensure you reach your goals.

Don’t forget Yahoo! Japan

AdScale has full support for Yahoo! Japan ads. Despite the growth of Google in the past decade, Yahoo! Japan remains the single most visited site by Japanese desktop visitors. Using a tool and an agency with Yahoo! Japan expertise is crucial to reaching as many potential customers as possible. As AdScale automates your budget management across Yahoo! Japan and Google it means that you will always be devoting resources to the channel bringing the best results.

Broaden your audience – Marketplace management

In addition to supporting brands in launching Japanese Shopify stores with fulfilment by Amazon FBA, digital marketing management and customer support, SOPHOLA offers marketplace support. Reach over 70% of Japanese online shoppers on Amazon Japan, Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping with automated inventory sync and fulfilment. In my next blog post I will describe how we help brands flourish on Japanese marketplaces.

Sebastian Benedikz
Global Sales Executive