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Source of Learning

I’m in Tokyo for the second half of this week.
I had sweet reunion with my ex-colleagues after a year or three years (from irep and linkshare), which gave me a great relief and motive by seeing their fulfilling faces.

I’ve been reading many business books, but what I could learn most from was people I met.
With my solid belief-“We can learn something from anyone”, I do meet people and spend time with them.
For instance, Mr Murakami, my ex-boss from irep taught me:
1) the source of glowing as a business person is boiling passion;
2) the continued effort wins at the end;
3) an ideal org is an org which requires management;
4) the career-goal setting and necessary skill listing are critical;
5) to improve task management, take a detailed log on daily tasks and accomplishments and look over the log every day.

Many people do not seem to have this kind of mindset–observing details of a person, interpreting his words and actions, and embodying the learning essence. This business trip made me re-realize that people can enjoy people’s relationships and learn more from those relationships if he reviews each relationship from this perspective.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO