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Lessons from working with an external service

Despite the global situation looking increasingly desperate, Japan has largely avoided the worst so far. That could be about to change, although you would be forgiven for not believing that walking around the streets of Nagano.

While SOPHOLA’s business and particularly the situation of our partners has obviously been affected, we are exploring new opportunities and partnerships. We have begun working with a b2b lead generation agency specialising in APAC. As part of the training process for the external team, we have had to review our sales processes, materials and how we communicate about our service.

This has been quite time consuming but hugely rewarding, while working on this internally it is easy to keep muddling along with old or sub-optimal processes but being forced to re-evaluate them and share them with an external team within a deadline pushes you to act decisively.

A case in point, we previously handled APAC ad agency leads in a fairly ad hoc way. We would send out an email and then discuss setting up a demo if we got a follow up. We would take things from there. By the end of next week we will have a landing page for the service, a dedicated audit landing page, a clear multi-stage sales funnel, a clear final call to action with a defined free trial, a streamlined contract signing process and onboarding process on Asana.

Some of the above was already being worked on before we started working with the external agency but the implementation has been really accelerated by the cooperation.

The preparations will be completed next week and then the campaign will begin. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes, but the work we have done to improve our sales processes will be valuable regardless of the results.

Sebastian Benedikz