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[Update: Others ] Joining overseas business expo

The other day, I participated in an overseas business EXPO held at the Tokyo International Forum.

SOPHOLA not only supports digital marketing, but also provides Inbound (support for overseas companies interested in expanding into the Japanese market) and Outbound (support for Japanese companies interested in expanding into the overseas market). I participated in the event for the purpose of understanding the actual Inbound/Outbound situation and finding clients. I learned the following.

・ Inbound/outbound to Japan due to geographical factors is mostly in Asia
・ As it was a Japanese event there were many outbound booths
・ Many booths from companies offering services such as consulting and translation
・ On the other hand, there were few booths for overseas remittances (including banks) / logistics service companies
・ There were many website creation booths, but there are few companies that support promotions including advertisements.

When actually buying and selling goods and services inbound/outbound, there are remittance and logistics problems, so it is necessary to confirm these services separately. However, I could network with various companies and participate in the event. It was good.

Next, I would like to participate in similar overseas events/exhibit booths to investigate the current situation in each country and find partners.

There were also booths from website creating companies. There were companies that could collaborate in the region of advertising promotion in Japan, so it was good learning that there was room to support digital marketing from an inbound perspective.

The inbound/outbound service provided by SOPHOLA is from market research and strategy planning to site management after actual product sales. Please contact us if you are interested! *We are also looking forward to a consultation on digital marketing.

<Example service>
Support for expanding sales channels
PR/Advertising/Web marketing
Web site creation/operation
SNS operation
and so on…