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[Marketing] Use of system linkage

In our company, there is a service we are dealing with called AdScale e-commerce, which allows you to advertise on Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram almost automatically if you have an account such as Shopify/Magento/WooCOMMERCE. If you have data on the Web, there are tools that allow you to do things like this automatically. Today, I would like to introduce such a tool.

1. Zapoer(
Zapier is a task automation tool from the United States. At the time of writing this blog, it works with more than 1,500 web applications such as Google Apps/Twitter/Facebook/Dropbox/Slack/Google Ads, and it is a tool that allows you to automate your work by creating your own collaboration flow. In the free plan, up to 5 tasks/work together is free, and you will be charged for more than that.
It’s not a good tool to try out, but it’s a good tool to use well.
Example of use:
– Automatically link actions on task management tools (Trello/Asana/Backlog) to calendar applications (Google Calendar/Office360, etc.)
– Automatically upload the conversion information stored in your CRM system to Google Ads

IFTTT (If This Then That) is another task automation tool from the US, as is Zapier. At the time of writing this blog, it works with more than 600 web applications such as Twitter/Facebook/Dropbox/Slack, etc. It’s more for light users than Zapier, so you can’t do much detail, but it’s a tool that I’d like you to try first because of the wide range you can do with the free version.
Example of use:
– Automatically post your Facebook posts to other SNS (Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr, etc.)
– Connect to any chat tool (Slack/Hangout, etc.) to other chat tools that you are using.

3. Google Apps Script(
This is a tool provided by Google that allows you to manage each of Google’s services with JavaScript-based code. Compared to the above two, the hurdle is a little higher because you have to write the code by yourself, but if you can learn to use it, it is convenient because it can automate detailed work.
Example of use:
– Automatically integrate Google Analytics and Google Ads data into Google spreadsheets
– Sending appointments in Google Calendar to chat tools such as Chatwork/Slack on a daily basis
– Regularly post the contents of the Google Spreadsheet to the SNS

There are also other API integration tools (iPaaS) such as the following Please check the compatibility with your own software and tools when reviewing and streamlining your business.
– MuleSoft(
– Workato(
– Microsoft Power Automate (

When you automate your work, you may worry about errors and costs, but once you’ve automated your work, you may be able to try something new. I would recommend giving it a try.
*If you are also interested in AdScale e-commerce, please contact us from the Contact Us page.