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[Others] Review of recent sales activities

In the recent past, I’ve been conducting sales activities via e-mail to acquire leads, mainly from domestic website production companies and business companies. Recently, I’ve been receiving responses from companies that I contacted more than a month ago.

I believe this is due to the fact that the timing of sending the email is not timely, but at the same time, I feel somewhat relieved that the content of the sales email is being checked and not going into the junk box.

If there is a need for something from both the advertising agency and the business company at the time of sending the actual e-mail, I can get a swift response. However, because we often contact customers who do not know the situation, we believe that even if they check our e-mails, we often receive replies only after we have found a need within the company. I believe that the quickest way is to look for customers who already have needs, but since there are many areas where we don’t know when needs will arise, I feel that it is especially important these days to keep in regular contact with them as well as to follow up.

The COVID-19 will continue to make things difficult, but I will continue to make steady contact and look for places where needs are emerging.