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m19 | How to boost your sales during Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is coming soon. It has been announced that Prime Day in 2024 will be held on July 16-17. Now, let’s introduce some key points to prepare for Prime Day!

First, let’s cover what you should avoid doing before Prime Day:
‘Stopping your ads to save ad spend before Prime Day.’
Here’s why…

★ Two Things to Prepare Before Prime Day ★
① Good Organic Rankings
Maintain competitive organic rankings by regularly using Amazon PPC ads to enhance your search term rankings. If your organic rankings are low, increasing your ad budget too much during Prime Day won’t result in good conversion rates, and you’ll end up with excessively high ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

② Prime Exclusive Discount
Offering a Prime Exclusive Discount is always effective in attracting more buyers. Ensure the discount is competitive yet profitable, and promote it through your marketing events and product pages to maximize visibility and sales.

★ Monitor Your Competitors Closely ★
① Maximize Your Gains
On Amazon Prime Day, you’ll encounter more traffic than usual. If you notice competitors spending heavily without a significant increase in sales, it might be an ideal time for you to target your audience. Competitors’ high spending with low returns suggests their inefficient ad spending. You can capitalize on this by targeting the right keywords and audiences. You can potentially achieve better results with lower costs.

★ Better to Increase Budget Rather Than Bids ★
① Maximize Your Gains
If you find that your ads perform well and increase your bid at the same time, your ads’ placements might change, which can lead to poorer performance sometimes. Normally, you might perform well in certain placements, but higher bids could push your ads into less effective placements. Indiscriminately increasing bids often results in budget consumption without driving sales, which leads to worse ACoS. This phenomenon is often observed in practice.

② When to Increase Bids…
If your ads are underperforming and not converting into sales, consider increasing your bids.

m19 has a feature called “Promo Day Boost.” By utilizing this feature, your campaigns will be automatically adjusted, allowing you to focus on maximizing your gains and enjoying the boost in sales! Please make sure to use it.

Executive Officer
Head of m19 Japan
Kaori Iino