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Our Second Child

At 6:30 on November 11, the “second child” was born safely. The wife withstood the long and painful morning sickness, overcame the labor pains described as “pain that squeezes the internal organs like a rag”, and was able to safely give birth. The wife has experienced the pain of this birth, so the baby is so adorable for her. (even if she puts a “second child” in her eyes, it does not hurt.)

My first child is a company called “SOPHOLA” that was born on April 17 last year. Unlike human children, immediately after birth, the question: “Can I start managing a company well?” keeps concerning the entrepreneur. Then, while making a business plan, I could steadily create its business foundation and gradually dispel the anxiety. When the business plans were achieved one by one, and I could feel the growth of the company called “SOPHOLA” by feeling the great love towards “SOPHOLA” from the bottom of my heart.

While looking at the sleeping face of my cute little son, I thought about the question “What is important in common with child-rearing of


people and companies?” I have come to the conclusion that it is “being able to participate in child-rearing”. If you don’t participate in child-rearing and just look at it from the side, you may neither reach the love feeling nor feel a contribution to your child’s growth. So, I would like to work hard with all the people involved, including the first and second children, and I sincerely hope that such employees and friends will understand the importance of getting involved in child-rearing.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO