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SOPHOLA’s Second-Year’s Challenge

It’ll be almost a-year-and-a-half since I founded SOPHOLA.
In the first year, as a tech fellow, I’ve introduced various marketing AI tech companies to AdFlex as well as implementing and scaling the solutions in Japan, which definitely became the SOPHOLA’s revenue baseline. Playing a role as “AdScale Japan” enables us to run our business in a steady manner.

“What about the 2nd year?”
The following two growth strategies have been executed:
1) Grow Longtail UX and Markable as our 2nd and 3rd stock services to level up the baseline;
2) Expand AdScale to APAC to double its sales.

Though we are still concurrently offering marketing consulting and outsourcing, we see that there is a certain limit of the # of clients we can serve, which means the business scale limit. Yet, realizing1) and 2) will significantly grow the sales with our current head count.

At SOPHOLA, the above growth strategy for the 2nd year has been repeatedly explained. In addition, everyone knows what role he/she should play to achieve the goals. However, it will be probably impossible to achieve these goals unless everyone works on new abilities and skills. To do that, nonetheless to say, it’s crucial to check the progress of the new ability&skill development again the last year and last month like we do in digital marketing.

It’s almost over the first half of the 2nd year, I will make sure everyone checks the progress. Then he or she can work hard to improve himself or herself.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO

P.S. It’s been a year since my wife moved to Nagano. So we went to Ueda to celebrate the anniversary at a nice French restaurant;)