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Services beyond Expectations

Every time I read the news about some services starting the new services under COVID-19 circumstances, I feel encouraged.

Now, I live in California with my husband.
One day, my friend called us with very excited voice.
He told us that he found a very nice pizza delivery service.
He has tried many pizza delivery services while we need to stay home. However, this shop is special, he said.

There are 3 points that grabbed his heart.
1) Delivered without getting lost.
2) Delivered 3-5 minutes prior to the reserved time.
3) Delivered with paper dishes

The apartment he lives in has many buildings whose appearances look almost the same, so it is very difficult to find one room out there.
He usually goes out and wait for the delivery at the entrance, he said.

He told me he had been very amazed when the delivery knocked the door 5 minutes before the reserved time.
Moreover, paper dishes are in the pizza box and he was amazed again because he could start eating pizza right away with them.

Hearing that story, I was wondering what internet service I was amazed. The store that came up with my mind was Yodobashicamera.
1) Free Shipping
2) Delivery on the same day as order date
3) Product lineup

I first used their service when I found I forgot to buy something after I came back from shopping.
I was not 100% sure if they can deliver my order on the same day, but they did ! and it was free shipping.

My friend’s story reminded me of that I talked about Yodobashicamera’s service with others excitedly.

These derlivey service and internet service are made by peoples’ effort which can hardly be seen.
The higher users’ expectations become, it is hard to notice those services are special.
This experience made me think that I want to keep eyes open for even little ingenious services or products.

Mari Isayama