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AdScale Enterprise - Manage, optimise and automate digital advertising with AI

Paid media management is becoming increasingly complex and, as a result, manual management is becoming more and more inefficient. Generally bids are poorly managed, budgets are not managed at all and multi-platform campaigns make everything worse.

AdScale’s multi-platform ad management solution allows advertisers to save time and improve performance through streamlined management, automation, and continuous optimisation using machine learning and predictive AI. 

This combination of automation and continuous optimisation results in an average 20-40% improvement on KPIs in the first 2-4 weeks as well as a 4-5x reduction in man hours.

Why choose multi-platform ad optimisation?

Optimising one paid media budget with multiple campaigns, on one or multiple platforms, and optimising keyword bids, optimised to efficient times requires millions of optimisation actions per month. Manual management round the clock is not feasible or optimal; machine learning is the only technology able to cope with big data.

The solution is to connect all the platform APIs to a single tool. Set one or more goals and connect your campaigns to those goals. Using the vast amount of data available, budgets can then be distributed over time slots and bids predicted and applied to keywords.

Continual optimisation powered by machine learning

While most ad management platforms offer some form of bid optimisation, budget optimization is often neglected if not completely ignored. The upshot is that one key area of ad optimisation does not reflect the continuous changes in the market and leads to inefficient spend.

AdScale’s Dynamic Budgeting AI uses advanced prediction algorithms, based on historical data and the latest trends to dynamically allocate your budgets across platforms and campaigns to maximize the performance of every dollar spent! Have your budget move dynamically between Google Search, Display, Shopping, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and more.

In addition to budget optimization, Algorithmic Bid Optimization ensures your ads are always shown in the right place at the right time to gain the best possible results. Our bidding AI can handle funnels of any complexity, with multiple goals and intermediate touch-points, taking into account devices, audiences and more.

To see continuous improvements, optimising account structure is key. Often agencies will initially assign their best media buyers to accounts when they are new, however over time less skilled staff is assigned and the account suffers. AdScale’s Smart Recommendations suggest improvements and allow changes to be implemented with a single click. More than 20 types of actionable recommendations sharpen your account structure by refining targeting, expanding keywords & negatives, improving quality scores, adjusting creatives and more.

Automating processes for scalable results

The ability to automate campaign management routines leads to massive time savings. Cross-platform dynamic budget planning and 24/7 bid management automatically optimizes your campaigns towards any goal, dramatically reducing the need for manual management.

Set your goals and then scale your digital advertising efforts with ease by automating day-to-day repetitive tasks across multiple platforms and channels.

Save hours of work by automating reporting & distribution routines across accounts and platforms. Easily create highly customizable branded reports and automate their distribution to your clients and management.

Cross-platform management unlocking new insights

A clear benefit of multi-platform ad management is the ability to get an overview of all your advertising activities in a single dashboard. AdScale’s powerful and highly-customizable dashboard gives you the tools to analyze your cross-platform stats and discover new insights.

Set custom alerts in AdScale and be instantly notified if anything unusual happens to your campaigns. Never be caught off-guard by statistical anomalies, an offline landing page, or disapproved ads and keywords. Ensure that you are always the first to know.

Increase your paid media output

AdScale is an indispensable tool for brands and agencies looking to improve the performance of their digital ads while reducing the need for manual management.

Follow the link below to get started with an instant audit to see how AdScale’s dynamic cross-platform budget AI, algorithmic bid optimization, and 1-click recommendations can improve your Google Ads performance. 

*If you are interested in our case studies, download our latest report on our case studies.


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