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Japan has a reputation as being a very difficult market to enter with unique market conditions, the language barrier and strong domestic competition. You may have dismissed the Japanese market as a result.

However you would be missing out on the world’s third biggest economy with a GDP of $5 trillion and the world’s fourth biggest e-commerce market representing $122 Billion.

And it’s an opportunity you do not need miss out on: The market has changed in recent years to make entry easier. Free trade agreements have lowered costs. In addition to changing customer behaviour and marketplace rules, there are a number of solutions that can reduce the difficulty and risk.

We are SOPHOLA, a digital marketing consulting and outsourcing firm helping global companies enter the Japanese market and flourish. We help you:

• Gain a firm understanding of the market
• Formulate a successful go-to-market strategy
• Take full advantage of the best practices and available services on the Japanese market.

Whether you are a tech service provider looking to bring your innovative martech solution to the Japanese market or a brand looking to have a successful ecommerce launch, our decades of marketing, ecommerce and retail experience will help you make the right choices.

We have been delivering results for our domestic and international clients for years.

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