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Acclerating the Digitalization

Because of COVID-19, many companies have been forced to be changed as well as our life style.

It is said that ads industry had -30% revenue impact in Japan because of this pandemic.

On the other hand, many companies announce that they will accelerate digitalization.
One of the example is the release Shiseido made.
Shiseido is no.1 cosmetic brand in Asia and no.5 in the world.
They announced that they will spend 90-100% of their ads spend on digital ads by 2023.
Shiseido is one of the companies in Japan that made very powerful TV commercials, and that's how they made their brand.

I think this announcement made a lot of industries shocked.
Imagining that Shiseido made this decision with confidence that they can do enough or more branding and marketing online, I am very excited.

Many are thinking that digital marketing means online ads, but I believe that digital approach also can make the connection between the brand and users also keep the relationship.

I am excited to think of what we can do as SOPHOLA to make memorable experience or service online with many companies in the future.

Mari Isayama