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How to increase sales on Amazon

In my previous blog post, I wrote about “Is m19 a magical tool?” Continuing on that theme, this time I’d like to touch upon the importance of enriching product pages and managing reviews.

Among those who believe that implementing m19 will increase sales, there are sellers who tend to prioritize product pages and review management as secondary concerns. While advertisements can certainly increase impressions, the process leading to purchases after a click largely depends on the richness of product pages and review management.

When you all shop on Amazon, do you not pay attention to not only the price but also the review score and the number of reviews? Don’t you feel more reassured to purchase when you understand the features of a product on its product page?

Personally, when I shop on Amazon, even if a product is prominently displayed in advertisements, I often refrain from purchasing if it lacks reviews or has an extremely low number of them.

Therefore, it is desirable to take actions beyond just advertising; actions outside advertising. In our company, we also offer Amazon operation management services, including improving product pages and review management (we do not accept single-item requests such as “just improving product pages”). If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Kaori Iino
Executive Officer