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Attention Insight |Analysis of Main Product Images on Amazon’s Product Page

In the previous article, we discussed an analysis example of Amazon product detail pages (competitive analysis). However, this time, we have analyzed how the visual attention shifts to different creative elements on Amazon product detail pages by displaying different product images.

The product under analysis this time is a women’s hoodie from Adidas. While the main product image does not feature the model’s face, some of the secondary product images do include the model’s face. For sellers of fashion apparel goods on Amazon, the question of whether to include a model’s face or not is something that often comes up. We would like to analyze and address this issue using Attention Insight.

First, applying Attention Heatmap/Percentage of Attention to the main product image without a model’s face, we can see that

On the top of the page, it is evident that about 10% of visual attention is directed towards the Amazon logo and Amazon sponsored ad.

On the other hand, when we apply Attention Heatmap/Percentage of Attention to the secondary product images that include the model’s face…

On the top of the page, it’s clear that about 5.6% of visual attention is directed towards the Amazon logo and Amazon sponsored ad, and as a result, a significant portion of visual attention is allocated to the product images and product titles.

Additionally, below the shopping cart, Amazon sponsored advertisements also capture about 10% of visual attention. It’s important to note that the presence or absence of advertisements can significantly affect the proportion of visual attention directed towards product images and titles. In conclusion, in this case, it seems advisable to use the “with face” product images that receive more visual attention for the main image.

This illustrates how the optimal product image selection can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. Rather than choosing your main product image based on intuition, you can now make data-driven choices using Attention Insight. Give it a try!

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO