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Attention Insight | Impact on the Visibility of Product Characteristics in Amazon Search Results.

Since the previous analysis received great feedback, I’d like to delve deeper into analyzing Amazon’s search results page once again!

On Amazon, various product characteristics are displayed on the search results page. For instance:
– Amazon’s Choice: Products available for immediate shipping, highly rated, and reasonably priced.
– Double Points: Items offering twice the usual Amazon points.
– Featured Sale: Products featured in a special sale.
These are just examples of the product characteristics. This time, I’ll explore how the presence or absence of these product characteristics impacts visual attention on Amazon’s search results page.

Firstly, the target Amazon search results page will be a part of the search results for the keyword ‘Women’s Sweaters.’ This page will include the sections containing all the previously mentioned product characteristics.”

First, let’s visualize the visual attention percentages for these original four products. Unlike the previous analysis, when products with product characteristics were positioned as the second or third item, it’s intriguing that even though the product on the far left typically garners the highest visual attention percentage, the second or third product from the left might have a higher visual attention percentage. This difference is quite fascinating.

Among Amazon’s Choice, Featured Time Sale, and Double Points, which one increases the visual attention percentage the most? The result was Amazon’s Choice! (In this case, the order was Amazon’s Choice > Double Points > Featured Time Sale.) The reasons behind this result could be:

– Amazon’s Choice is positioned in the top left of the product image, which is an area where eyes typically land first.
– Unlike other product characteristics, its absence creates a complete blind spot, potentially drawing more attention when it’s present.

(With Amazon’s Choice)

(Without Amazon’s Choice)

The impact of ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product characteristic based on its placement varies. However, what this experiment revealed is that having this product characteristic tends to increase visual attention compared to its absence. For products eligible for acquisition, I encourage you to try obtaining this feature!

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO