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Attention Insight’s Heatmap on Video

Last week we announced an exclusive strategic partnership with Attention Insight, based in Lithuania, for the implementation phase in Japan. At a recent meeting with one of our leads, I was told, “We cannot evaluate the design of included items until after they have been produced and distributed to some extent. Being able to use Attention Insight to analyze the design during the production phase has a huge (impact).” As is the case with our other products, we have already felt several times that it was really good to bring Attention Insight to Japan.

Today, in addition to Attention Insight’s three strengths, including technology (accuracy), creative types supported, and plug-ins/browser extensions, we would like to introduce in detail the heatmap analysis feature for video material, which is not found in other similar solutions.

This video heatmap functionality is not yet built into the Attention Insight platform and requires heatmap processing on the backend Attention Insight’s proprietary deep learning technology human visual attention allowing you to see the intensity of attention for each frame. For example, in YouTube videos, Attention Insight’s consulting team analyzed two video ads for French company L’Occitane. The first ad predicted that the eye would focus on the flowers, store, and logo, while the second predicted that the eye would focus more on the text message in addition to the face of a man in a lavender field. Although both ads have different tastes and aims, the Attention Insight consulting team analyzed that the brand message may be conveyed better in the second video ad, given the degree to which the text message is focused on.

In the next video, the same team conducted a “comparative analysis of Vans, Converse, and Adidas video ads. Similar to the L’Occitane video ad, each brand has a very different flavor and goal, and Attention Insight’s heatmap can be used to predict whether or not the ads will attract the desired attention.

The video features scenes of people enjoying the beach and surfing, and the Vans sneaker logo is sure to draw visual attention.
The video focuses on the feet of people walking and dancing, but it is clear that visual attention is paid not only to the sneaker logo, but also to the detailed specifications of the socks and shoes.
The images show athletes from various sports wearing Adidas products, with visual attention focused on the athlete’s face and the Adidas logo.

As we have already heard from our Japanese customers, Attention Insight has as many uses as there are ideas, so we feel that it is a solution that is especially useful for those who are both creative and logical. As more Attention Insight case studies become available, we hope to feature them in our news and blogs!

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO