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Building Solid Foundation

Last December, Mr. Ando, ​​co-founder of PtMind, came to talk to us.
At that time, he talked passionately about the importance of building a foundation.
I felt the importance of the words of Ando, ​​a co-founder of a company that has been in business for 10 years.
There were events that made me again realize the importance of being able to grow steadily and strongly if individuals and companies had a solid foundation.

Before discussing that happening, I pondered over the last few months, “What is the foundation, after all?”
I have come to the conclusion that the foundation I think consists of the following three layers.
・ Deepest layer: values ​​and beliefs (what is most important, willingness and desire to penetrate)
・ Second layer: thinking habits (ways of thinking)
・ Third layer: Behavioral habits (behavioral characteristics and habits commonly seen)

What happened to me was that for this month and a half with the intern student Paolo, who is still a newbie in business, made me again realize that the foundation would make a huge difference in the speed of growth as a business individual.” For example, Paolo has already been able to “make thanks into action and words.” On the way back with him, he explained why he thanks me, and brought snacks to the new office. Of course, I didn’t tell him to bring sweets or anything like that. Yet, his parents, teachers, friends, and himself have created such a foundation
he has.

What happens when this is applied to a company?
To be clear, it’s expressed in terms of vision, mission, and value,
I think it is often the foundation (top three layers) of the founder and president. In my case,
・ Be kind to the elderly, children and women
・ Have strength to penetrate with own belief (justice)
・ Once a man has spoken once, he does not give up easily until he makes the words real
Countless important things that my mother taught during childhood are my “foundations” which are underlying SOPHOLA’s vision, mission and value.

To be honest, my goal for the third year is so high. When I feel any pressure about it, I can now recall the importance of building a foundation. Yes, I will give priority to growing steadily without rushing.

Even if the office changes, I will continue to have this belief without changing.
Thank you for your continued support.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO