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Challenge as CEO in the 2nd Year

“Why don’t you write about your individual challenge as CEO in the second year of SOPHOLA?”
As my wife suggested, I will post a blob about this intriguing topic;)

My individual challenge in the second year is actually “a lack of experience and breadth of mind.”
In the first year, the continuing and close partnership with Adflex gave me some space to cast my perspective on the future of SOPHOLA without feeling stressed out a few months after the beginning of the partnership. In contrary, because I set “scaling the client base” as the most crucial business issue for SOPHOLA’s second year, the following unanswered question is always bouncing around in my head “How long will it take us to partner with new clients and establish the revenue baseline?”

If I had more experience as CEO, I would be able to see that we will need x months to generate and close leads with a peace of mind. In terms of mentality, this mind status is much healthier than feeling stressed out and insecure. Still, with strong support from people around me and track record in my career, I know that the only way to reach the peace of mind is to continue to try and fail with new ideas and actions.

To solve a variety of issues such as business, services, sales, and staff, instead of being just stressed out, I always define exactly what issues I should solve and try to work on them with a trial & error mindset at an amazing speed.
Then I also know it is a matter of time for me to conquer these issues.

Hey, Kaori, is this conclusion okay? Should I have ended it with a little helpless tone? lol