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Essences of Successful Alliance Partnerships

Today, went to stop by Slush Tokyo because Joy, Founder & CEO of my business partner kindly invited me to the event. In contrary to other presenters, her pitch was so witty and informative to make me feel overwhelmed.
Yet the thing that resonated with me most was her values in business.

“CEO should be the most mature person in a company. Actually there are smarter and knowledgable people than me in my company, but I’m the most mature. CEO must make touch decisions at hard times, so being mature is very important”
“My partners(employees) are like my family members”
“Intuition is what I value over probability. I used to use probability in my decision-making, but I find that intuition is much more accurate”

She is one of the hundred intriguing entrepreneurs selected by Goldman Sachs, and I found she totally deserves the award. At the same time, she made me realize that sharing important values in business is essential in building successful alliance partnerships.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO