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Eventful Spring

Have you recently exhibited any product or service at a digital marketing event? We have not since our business was established. In fact, we were supposed to participate as exhibitors in digital marketing events at Singapore in summer and fall, 2020. But we had to cancel our participation due to COVID-19 back then. As we could build a new product lineup last year and gain positive feedback from our clients (though there are many issues around the products and services), we have decided to join coming digital marketing events as exhibitors in 2022.

At first, we will join DMM’s Online Exhibition: Strategic Outsourcing EXPO in Feb. Many participants seem to come to the event for gathering information, we will strive to explain what each product distinguishes itself from other similar solutions and what it can resolve.

In March, an event we will participate in as an exhibitor and a speaker is DX EXPO in Osaka, held by Digital Agency of Japan and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The reason why we chose Osaka as our first offline event place is that we felt like reaching to more Kansai or west-Japan based companies because we had received generous support from the region. It won’t be easy to set up a nice booth and prepare for an offline seminar by ourselves because it is our first-time offline event, we will do our best to create great opportunities to meet up and collaborate with the audience.

At last, it is not an exhibition, in April, we will go to UK and France to join EO/London Business School Growth Form where the participants and professors will discuss growth strategies/tactics based on case-studies. After that I’m really looking forward to finally meeting with our European business partners in person to discuss our future business projects.

In order to take parts of these events with better physical conditions, I’m doing my best at daily rehabilitation of my right arm. If you are interested in connecting with me through any of the mentioned events, let me know! 🙂

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO
P.S. I could finally go to Ramen Zunpachi, one of the highest rated ramen restaurants in Matsumoto the other day. Of course, the ramen was awesome, but their hospitality was way beyond my expectation too! 🙂