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Extreme Powers of Observing and Verbalizing

My West Japan’s business trip for 11th-18th of Mar was just amazing, as I could eventually meet up with important business partners in person. But I felt like choosing a different topic for this blog because it gave me a huge impact.

That is a YouTube video posted by a famous public speaker I watched after the biz trip. This speaker picks various themes of self-development/self-enlightenment, and can convey his messages to his audience with the incredible capabilities of expressions and verbalization that I’ve never seen in my life. Yet, what I truly respect is his ability to convert his every life-experience into learning. This is actually something I have been focusing on since DAY1 of my career too.

This video was not just that. He just demonstrated a seemingly unattainable ability—to observe his people’s experience, structuralize it, and put into words. I felt that Hiroshi Tasaka and Simon Sinek, my favorite public speakers probably do not possess this level of the ability, so that was why the impact from this video was huuuuge. This ability is something I can call “extreme powers of observing and verbalizing.”

Please just watch it because it is not my intention to share the details of the episode.:)
*The episode starts around 17:30 in the video. (The original is available only in Japanese)

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO
P.S. The beauty of Hiroshima caught my deep heart!