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The Strengths and Limitations of GAFA’s AdTech (3)

Last time, I shared my own opinion on “Why is the technology of overseas tech startups not widely used in Japan?”, based on my own experience. This time, I would like to spell out “How could I build a style of building a collaboration scheme with overseas tech startups?”

■The opportunity to build a business in collaboration with an overseas tech startup: Finch (US, SEM optimization platform)
Currently, SOPHOLA’s “Consulting and Outsourcing” business is also expanding its business by utilizing various overseas tech startup solutions such as AdScale and Longtail UX. The first successful experience of this style lies in the new business development of SEM using Finch’s previous SEM optimization platform (which is now more advanced and fused with display advertising optimization). When I first met the company’s founder, Bjorn, in June 2016, and heard an overview of the platform, I was shocked like “Does a solution like this really exist?” At the same time, it has many unique features that major tools such as Marin and Kenshoo, which we have encountered so far, do not have, and we were confident that we would be able to fully differentiate in Japan.

After returning to Japan, I quickly designed a new business development/product/sales strategy, made sales materials, and started selling on a trial basis with sales teammates. Immediately, we were able to obtain significant improvement results, and we were able to create a unique solution with new unique strengths in about three months. After that, with the help of our colleagues and partners at the time, we were able to achieve YoY 1,100% dramatic sales growth in about a year and a half.

Through this successful experience, I realized the significance and enjoyment of developing a new business by collaborating with an overseas tech startup that has technologies that even GAFA does not have. In the background of overwhelming functional originality, while the new business itself has grown from nothing, the business itself of the partner has also grown significantly in the Japanese market which is said to be impregnable and a win-win relationship was built. The sense of accomplishment was as wonderful as I have never felt. So we will continue to grow our partnership with overseas tech startups and realize continuous business growth.

Thank you for your continued support.

Founder & CEO
Masaki “Mark” Iino
PS: It’s a really happy moment to see my baby’s growth as well! lol