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Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

It is said that this COVID-19 pandemic is once in 100 years and we are living that era.
What has changed at your life and how do you like it?
I can virtually see many people say it sucks, but let's try thinking of the positive side of staying home longer than we used to.

I think it is a good time to start new things that you had wanted to try or been interested in.
I start doing MC of some Youtube channel which the host reads the financial statement.

The reason why I started doing this is because I wanted to learn how companies deal with this sudden urgent situation.

The life becomes simpler and more comfortable once we get used to it.
It is always challenging and needs courage to get out of that comfort zone, but I like feeling the difference in myself from what I was a year ago or even a few months ago.

I believe there is a way to use this "Stay Home Time" as exciting as possible by reflecting your everyday life and getting out of your comfort zone.