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Going Back to The Roots

The other day my wife and I had our first priavte trip after marriage.
The place we visited on DAY1 was Wasabi Farm in Azumino.
As there were not so many tourists in the farm on a weekday, we could enjoy the time and “Wasabi Rice Bowl” very much:)

In private, I could visit this special place which is the roots of moving to Nagano and starting my own business here. Even in business, I had some special but shocking event leading me to go back to the roots of my business career.

It was the moment when we did not do what we were supposed to do in managing and optimizing a campaign for a client, which caused much nuisance. In any long business career, there is such a moment when the huge nuisance was made by a mistake or a failure. However, it is critical for a business person to figure how much damage it caused in terms of sales, profits, and trust. After that, more importantly, it should be considered as essential to care about the people who get involved in the situation and change “something” in oneself.

SOPHOLA is a very small startup which can be easily blown away.
If we lost sales/profits/trust from a client company, a project, a person-in-charge on the client side, we would be gone… I recalled what I had learned in the first year of my career: professionalism—to deliver what’s promised with a client by/on the promised date. I will use this event to go back to the roots, and so will my company.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO