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How to leverage competitors’ Amazon advertising strategies for our own company strategy?

In the previous blog post, I discussed “methods for understanding the intensity of competition for the products you sell.” Once competitive and non-competitive keywords have been identified, how can this information be leveraged in your company’s strategy? I will cover that in this post.

Once keywords have been identified, you can use the Brand Analytics report in the Amazon management interface to acquire a list of ASINs that your company should target. However, it’s worth noting that the “Brand Analytics Report” provided by Amazon can only be used by specific sellers. Unfortunately.

Now, does that mean there’s nothing else you can do? Not at all! By utilizing m19’s Keyword Extraction tool, you can easily obtain a more accurate list of ASINs and keywords than the Brand Analytics report provides.

For example, inputting competitive keywords like “table tennis uniform” will generate a list of the most powerful ASINs and related keywords from the perspective of clicks and conversions. Targeting these ASINs and keywords creates opportunities to attract substantial traffic and visibility for your products.

Over two blogs, I have provided guidance on the analysis of competitors’ advertising strategies and how to apply that analysis to our own company strategy. When you use m19, it automates this type of analysis for you! Please give it a try!

Executive Officer
Kaori Iino