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Make the Best out of It

Time goes by very fast, and a month has past since the new business year begins.
(A new business year begins in April in Japan.)
I took the training last month about the company and digital marketing.

During this semester, there are 2 things I want to achieve in SOPHOLA.

The first one is to seek for the role of mine by knowing coworkers.

I want to know more deeply who the people agree SOPHOLA goals and be gathered.
By knowing people, I belive that I can find what I can contribute to and also what I want to challenge here.
Showing the role of mine to other members, I will collaborate with other members.

The next one is to learn more about digital marketing.
The past month, I was stimulated by lots of new discoveries.

To output at work, I need to focus on input by keeping learning by myself.
I want to feel the growth and I’d like to be confident enough about my output at work.

In the end, I will share my favorite quote by Mr. Mikitani, the founder of Rakuten.
“The reason why organization without goals can not be successful is because there is no joy for achievements.”

This is definitely the new challenge to start my career under abnormal situation because of COVID-19, but I want to share the joy with members as many times as possible.

Mari Isayama