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[Marketing] Case Studies of Overseas Client

We recently released a case study on Japan Market Entry (JME), a service designed to support international brands entering the Japanese market.

This is the service which provides international brands with comprehensive assistance for entering the Japanese E-commerce market by making Japanese websites, launching stores in Japanese local E-commerce platform such as Rakuten / Amazon Japan, and running marketing campaigns such as Google Ads / Yahoo Promotional Ads / Facebook Ads.

This service has been already introduced by Generate Design Japan, the Canadian company which handles home goods, furniture, accessories, and art products from all over the world. With the support to conduct PPC (Pay per click) ads, the sales were boosted up by YoY +193.7% / Month-over-Month (MoM) +138.1% and the sales from ads was increased MoM +177.2%.

This is the case showing the improvement by providing the client who had been struggling with faltering sales although they were running PPC ads with another company with following actions.

(1) Developing the structure of ads accounts on the assumption of the use of AdScale Enterprise
(2) Manual adjustment for the right advertisement distribution
(3) Optimizing PPC ads campaigns automatically by using AdScale Enterprise

If you are struggling with sales faltering through the websites by running PPC campaigns, let’s check how much space to improve you have by testing your account by AdScale Enterprise.

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