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[Marketing/Google] Expanding the scope of phrase matching and Phase-out of broad match modifier

On Friday, February 5, 2021, Google announced a change in the scope of phrase match and the associated phasing out of broad match modifier.

The change in Japan is scheduled to take effect in July 2021, while the change in the U.S. and Europe will take effect in February 2021. Until the change is applied, the existing definitions will remain in effect.

(1) Change in the extended scope of phrase matching

The extended scope of phrase matching will be wider than before. Simply put, the extended scope will be in the form of “phrase matching” ≒ “narrowed partial matching” in the current match type definition.
Until now, the extended scope of phrase matching was limited to replacing the order of registered words, but after the change, the extended scope of phrase matching will be defined as “replacing the order of words” + “expanding matching based on the meaning of the order of words” like narrowed partial matching.
(2) Phasing out of broad match modifier

You can continue to use the broad match modifier keywords that you have already registered. However, after the update (after July 2021 in Japan), it will no longer be possible to add new broad match modifier keywords. Also, it will no longer be possible to apply Refined Partial Match to only some words in a keyword. (e.g. ○ “+Web marketing +job change”, × “Web marketing +job change”)

In line with this change, Google plans to release additional tools to make keyword replace easier from time to time during this year.

I believe the following three are the main impacts of this update.

1. Increased impressions for phrase match keywords
2. Decreased impressions of broad match modifier keywords

3. Expansion of keywords impressions in unintended ways

It will be necessary for those in charge of operational advertising to examine additional keywords by carefully examining match types and adding excluded keywords in preparation for the unintended expansion of keywords, so it would be a good idea to schedule the work in advance.