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[Update: Others] Review of 2019

Since 2019 is less than two weeks away, I would like to look back briefly on the work I have done in 2019.

1. AdScale
– Response to existing customers
This has been supported since 2018.
While confirming the internal status of “other companies” rather than “in-house”, this is a work area that responds to questions and issues that occur daily as quickly and accurately as possible. With the introduction of task management tools, the foundation for efficiency and results improvement has been achieved to some extent, such as the creation of formats for work management and work management. However, there are still problems such as the task management tool and work management format operation part not working well with the client, and there is a part where communication issues occur. It was a year that I felt that it would be necessary to keep re-check existing tasks and issues on a regular basis while improving efficiency.

– Expand sales to APAC excluding Japan
With Sebastian joining SOPHOLA, we could sale AdScale for the APAC region from 2019. The differences in culture (both business/life) and local language barriers make some issues in each country sales, but this is a region we would like to extend next year, because we received the first order the other day. In addition to the maintenance of sales/work documents in English, the foundation for next year’s sales expansion is the introduction of tools and explanations on how to use the videos.

– AdScale e-commerce
AdScale has major updates and has been expanding sales since the end of last month. I haven’t made a case study in Japan yet, so I would like to start making the case

2. JME (Japan Market Entry)
-Launch new business
This is a service launched by Sebastian to help overseas companies enter the Japanese market. We mainly help companies that sell products (clothing/shoes/bags, etc.) overseas to expand into the Japanese market and expand sales. In order to expand sales, it is necessary to support the development of sales channels in Japan, logistics, and digital marketing, so I supported the collection of information on sales channels and logistics in Japan and the creation of materials for digital marketing. It is a service from now on that a client is actually born. The demand required for each client (site creation/marketing, etc.) is different, and legal issues in each country appear depending on the products handled by the client. I want to expand sales in 2020.

3. Sales
-Sales activities of various products
We were selling products that we handle including AdScale. To be honest, there were no projects that I had been able to accept orders for. However, as the number of scenes attached to business talks has increased, I will continue to make steady proposals by reorganizing what companies our services match.

Although I have been able to produce results in the areas I have been working on for a long time, this is a continuing issue as it is not good for the sales department.

Thank you for your hard work in 2019. Welcome, 2020.