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Ditch of Narrative

Changing the job from the company who has over 15,000 employees to the one who has
4 including me gave me the chance to think of "organization".

The book written by the associate professor of Saitama university called a common sense gap between others and you a ditch of narrative.

When you do not realize there is a ditch of narrative, people treat others like tools unconsiously.
It is called "I and It".
When you realize and fix it, the relationship will be changed to "I and You".

Regardless of the size, organizations are formed by people, and each person has feeling.
Also, each has purpose depending on their titles or roles.

As long as we see organization from our own perspectives, we can not realize the ditch of narrative and the words from us are becoming negative like "They do not understand me", "They do not work".
However, it means "They do not understand (my view)","They do not work (as I want)" until you notice the common sense gap between others and you.

I was made to realize that once again that I should be careful not to be a self-centered person without noticing especially when I see others virtually.

We can make the bridge between the ditch if we talk with them and listen them to try to understand how they see organizations.
Relationships are fluid, so the relationship that seems good now is not necessarily so in the future.
Now, it is important to think much of "interactive communication" and I want to make a habit to realize others' narratives.

Mari Isayama