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[Others] Sales activities after acquiring leads

I am continuing our sales activities to acquire leads this term. Right now, my sales targets are ad agencies that use digital advertising as their main source of income in APAC and production companies that use website development as their main source of income.

By the way, the sales/contracting process for AdScale is as follows
(1) Lead Acquisition
(2) Meeting setting
(3) Trial: AdScale
(4) Contract

For part (1), I am able to get AdScale leads from APAC agencies and production companies, but after that, the current issue is the implementation of meeting(negotiation)/trials after part (2).

With regard to (2), after I get the leads, I send them SOPHOLA company summaries and AdScale product materials, etc., and ask them to set up a meeting. However, there are many cases where I don’t receive a reply, so I think it’s necessary to explain in a little more detail not only the detailed materials, but also the flow from negotiation to the actual trial.

As for point (3), in most cases, I ask the customer to review the trial internally after the meeting/negotiation, but it takes a long time to review it, and the customer does not see the hurdle that needs to be adjusted in order to actually conduct the trial, so I am not able to connect it to the trial. I would like to increase the number of trials by checking the situation frequently and removing customer hurdles in as timely a manner as possible.

Since follow-up after the lead acquisition is becoming an issue, I will continue to take action to acquire leads and focus on follow-up afterward.