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[Others] Sales activities this quarter

I am working on sales activities to acquire leads for this fiscal year.

Up until now, we have focused our sales efforts on overseas/APAC advertising agencies whose main source of income is a digital advertising and production companies whose main source of income is website development, etc. However, the response has not been good, so recently we have been focusing our sales efforts on domestic website development companies and business companies.

Up until now, I have received many responses to my sales emails, but since October, I have not received many replies, perhaps due to the influence of COVID-19. I have switched to Longtail UX sales, mainly for domestic real estate agents, and AdScale sales, mainly for website production companies, but the response is also not good at present.
Domestically, too, the impact of COVID-19 seems to be growing, especially in the restaurant industry. We will continue our sales activities by e-mailing domestic and overseas customers, while making gradual changes, such as referrals from acquaintances and using sales and product materials, to continue our sales activities.
As I mentioned in a previous blog, it takes a long time for a lead to move on to an actual deal after the lead acquisition, so I’ll continue to follow up after lead acquisition and do what I can to properly build up the business.