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[Others] Steady Sales Activity

I am continuing our sales efforts to acquire leads this quarter as I did last quarter. However, because many of persons are working remotely, and refraining from events due to the after-corona situation, I am often sending steady e-mails and then conducting teleconferences instead of participating in events, making phone calls and then holding face to face meetings.

I look for customers in Asia, but I do not look for them blindly. In most cases, someone or another company has already published a list of advertising agencies or brands on their blogs or websites, so I use that list as a base for our sales activities.

<Reference sites for sales lists>.
– Crunchbase:
– Clutch:

I send emails with a brief summary of the achievements of the services I want to provide, etc. However, I have recently noticed, candidate of the client does not look at the details of the achievements and reference URLs/functional details that I’ve included in the text of the email text. In the future, we’re going to try things like putting images of our results in emails to attract more interest, sending service materials to companies that respond to us before we conduct a video conference, and other things to try to get people more interested in our emails as a starting point.