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[Others] Tentacles of English / Communication in English

At SOPHOLA, we often use English for our business, because we are working with overseas companies/English speaker. My personal point of view, recently, more than 80% of meetings / 70% of everyday communication seem to progress in English. I am not a native English speaker and have no experience of studying abroad, so if I continue to have meetings in English, suddenly I will not able to accept English. The following is a brief summary.

1. Normal:
-Listening: Understand the content of the conversation within words that I know.
-Speaking: Even in poor English, I can talk to others about what I want to convey or what you want to convey.

2. A little tired:
-Listening: The content of the conversation is sometimes inaudible.
-Speaking: When I’m speaking, the words get stuck / the words don’t come out.

3. Very tired:
-Listening: When I try to concentrate on listening to the conversation, no content comes in.
-Speaking: I’m talking, but I don’t understand what I’m talking about / no words at all.

As a countermeasure, it is best to become more familiar with English, but this takes time, so I am doing the following.

-If I am having a meeting, tell someone that I am tired first and cannot speak/speak English well
-Adjust my time so that I don’t have to communicate in English for a long time
-Have a moderate break

If I do not accept English at all, I may suddenly only speak Japanese. Lol
The situation where the content I want to convey is not the best situation, so I would like to take the above measures and interact with English well. * Of course, don’t forget to hone my English skills …