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[Others] New mission of this term / 2020 Q1

I would like to summarize the mission and its outlook for the current fiscal year, as a new term has started in April and the company’s mission has changed slightly.

<Mission of this Term>
– Train internal members (including interns): train new members on operational advertising.
– Development of in-house educational materials: Development of educational materials for operational advertising, etc.
– Existing customer consulting/customer support: managing operational advertising and handling customer support.
– In-house back-end jobs: behind the scenes, such as billing and other miscellaneous tasks.

This term, in addition to the consulting/customer support and back-end work I’ve been doing so far, my main mission will be to prepare the materials needed to train new members and actually train them. In conjunction with this, we are also moving to take inventory of existing operations so that they can be taken over.

In addition, although the consulting/customer support for existing customers is probably affected by the COVID-19, we hope to expand our sales/business by increasing customer results.

In particular, in terms of education, new members do not grow up overnight, so I would like to be able to develop their skills and take over their duties within a certain period of time. With telecommuting/telecommuting, there is a lot of information that is overlooked in two-way communication. Therefore, I personally think that telecommuting/telecommuting is not a good match for educational work. However, if we can put together the areas where communication does not occur (e.g., systematization of knowledge), I think we can create educational work that meets the needs of telecommuting and telecommuting, so we will focus on these areas this term.